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Medical Tube Securing Device


Sara Langdon

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Medical Tube Securing Device

Often burn patients have problems breathing on their own due to scorched esophagi, and damaged airways caused by smoke inhalation. Therefore it is necessary to intubate the patient so that they can breathe. This technology will prevent cuts and tears in the patient's mouth caused by endotracheal tubes.

These tubes must be secured in order to prevent inadvertent removal. Currently, these tubes are secured in one of two ways, depending on the nature and location of the burns:

• A semi rigid bite block is fastened to the breathing tube with cotton twill tape, and then the tape is secured around the patients head. This method produces a very secure attachment, but often results in damage to the soft tissue at the corners of the patient's mouth. In addition, there have been cases of patients losing their incisors (as this is where this bite block rests) due to continuous clamping of the jaw on the bite block.

• Commercially available tube holders are utilized, when practical. These devices are not utilized in patients with facial burns, as they do not secure well as a result of the creams and ointments needed to treat the burn. These do produce a relatively secure attachment when used; however, there have been issues with the size of these holders preventing adequate oral care, as well as producing pressure sores on the lips of the patient.

This device prevents damage to the incisors, and helps to prevent pressure sores on patients' lips. The last thing a burn patient, let alone a polytrauma (both burns and amputations) patient needs to deal with are sores on their lips or loss of their teeth due to intubation.

The market is potentially huge, as this can be used on any patient requiring intubation. There are thousands of intubations per year globally.