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James Nichols
Licensing Manager
Innovative Partnerships Program
Mail Stop KT-A2
Kennedy Space Center FL 32899

Phone: 321-867-6384


Jeff Kohler
IPP Support Manager
Innovative Partnerships Program
Mail Stop ASRC 22
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899

Phone: 321-861-7158

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Kennedy Space Center seeks partners to take advantage of our Cryogenics Test Laboratory. The Cryogenics Test Laboratory houses one-of-a kind capabilities for research, development, and application of crosscutting technologies to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. We provide cryogenic expertise, prototype construction, experimental testing, engineering evaluation, and practical problem-solving for technology development with NASA, government, and commercial partners. Technology focus areas include thermal insulation systems, cryogenic components, low-temperature applications, and propellant servicing systems. NASA can offer these unique capabilities to industry, academia and other government agencies through Kennedy Space Center's Innovative Partnerships Program.

The Cryogenics Test Laboratory includes the specialized equipment and the technical expertise to help solve your low-temperature problem:



• Problem-solving research testing
• Prototype construction and demonstration testing
• Considerations for materials, testing, and engineered applications
• Collaboration with aerospace, industry, and research institutions

• Energy efficiency and energy conservation
• High reliability, low maintenance systems
• Make cryogens easier to control for improved, flexible operations
• Low heat leak systems for better fluid quality and less cool down losses

Areas of Application
• Rocket propulsion and transportation
• High-pressure gas supply, distribution, and purification
• Helium conservation
• Breathing air, life support equipment, and water
• Electricity, power transmission, and fuel cells
• Food preservation and packaging
• Medicine and biological storage
• Imaging devices, electronics, and semiconductors
• Manufacturing and recycling
• Scientific research instruments

The Cryogenics Test Laboratory is a unique provider of comprehensive cryogenic services for the aerospace industry and many other commercial industries. Our objective is to develop new technologies for energy-efficient cryogenics on Earth and in space.

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Thermal Insulation Test Apparatuses
New Inorganic/Organic Materials for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation
New Polymeric Composites with Reduced Thermal Conductivity
John F. Kennedy Space Center's Cryogenic Moisture Apparatus